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Gladiators, samurais, and modern martial artists all top fit to handle the fight. Word ook ‘FIT TO FIGHT’

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The KLM Karate Club is one of the 30 clubs that are part of the
KLM Personnel Association Netherlands (KPVN).

The KLM karate club was founded on 10 april 1987 door Sensei Nobuaki Konno (7e dan Genseiryu karate) and aims to make young and old a fun, but also give very active karate training. Everyone participates at their own pace and can participate. Talented youngsters are being prepared for the bigger tournaments and even have a chance to participate in national and international competitions. The club has already produced real champions several times in this way!

The training courses are provided in Amstelveen by David Keijzer, Sharon Appelman and former world champion and founder of the club, Sensei Konno.

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David Keijzer



Sharon Appelman


Yuki Watabe


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Gymnasium primary school de Triangel, Zeelandiahoeve 3,1187KR Amstelveen Gym hall Primary school the Westwijzer, Noorddammerweg 55, 1187ZS Amstelveen

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David Roovers, 06 22 23 36 58,

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