The KLM Personnel Association Netherlands (KPVN) is an umbrella body to which a large number of sports and leisure associations are affiliated. The first associations date from roughly the start of the founding of the KLM personnel association itself (1946) . Some of them still exist!
A number of KLM personnel associations have been transferred over the years, or fused together, with other sports clubs among others (Lake) recruit members.

Some other KLM associations:
KLM Swimming Association – Amstelland swimming club
KLM Underwater Sports Association – Flying Divers
KLM Roadrunners
KLM Ski club
KLM Blue Dragons – Dragon Boat Team
KLM Aëroclub
KLM Hockey Club
KLM Symphonieorkest – Airchesta
KLM Golf Association
KLM Excursion association
KLM Chess Association – Pegagus Amstelveen
KLM Fencing Association
KLM Watersports Association
KLM Cricketclub
KLM Honk- and softball association – the Flying Dutchmen
KLM Sports Association KSV (football)
KLM Karateclub